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Traceable Calibration - ISO9001 / ISO10012

Traceable Calibration is the standard type of Calibration offered by Acutest. This type of calibration is generally selected by companies within the contracting industry and is widely regarded as the accepted standard by the UK registration bodies.

UKAS Calibration

UKAS calibration is the highest level of calibration we can offer. It is not normally required within the contracting marketplace being generally the choice of manufacturing & service companies with particularly stringent regulatory requirements. UKAS Certificates generally cost between 25-50% more than their traceable counterparts. Should UKAS Calibration be required, please contact the Acutest sales department for pricing details.

Fixed Price Repair Service

Acutest offer a convenient and cost effective fixed price repair service. The fixed prices are based on our average price for the repair of various types of equipment. The advantage is that at the time of booking your Instrument for repair you will know exactly how much the item will cost. It also means that when the equipment arrives in our service centre we get straight on with the repair as the quotation stage is not required, meaning you get your equipment back sooner.

Onsite Calibration Service

If you are a larger site and have in excess of 20 instruments an Engineer can come to your site and calibrate the instruments on the day. We can normally accommodate up to 35/40 Instruments per day, depending on the quantities of each particular instrument.

Large Customer Bulk Buying

If you are a large site with over 100 Instruments we can offer a fully managed Calibration Contract with an individual coordinator looking after your equipment inventory. Contact the Acutest sales department for further details

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my Instruments Calibrated?

Our normal turnaround time from date of collection to return is 1 week or less.

I have an urgent requirement, can I get my Instrument turned around sooner than the usual 1 week?

Yes - We do offer a priority service. Please call the Sales Department for details. They will advise on the exact turnaround time (24-48 hours) dependent on how busy our laboratory is at that time.

I have an Instrument that needs repairing - How long will this take?

Instruments that require repair are normally returned within 7 days. However we are sometimes at the mercy of other suppliers if non-stocked spare parts are required. Where this is the case you will be informed of a revised delivery date. If we are unable to repair the item or it is beyond ecconomical repair you may choose for us to return the unit to you or scrap the unit on your behalf.

How long is the Warranty on Repairs and what is covered?

We do not warrant the whole Instrument but just the repair that has been carried out. Should the same fault develop again within 3 months of the repair and it is not due to operator error we will repair the unit again free of charge.

I would like to book a Calibration Day, how much notice do I need to give?

As much as possible would be nice! We normally ask for 1 month but we can usually accommodate an urgent requirement if needed. Please call the Sales Department to check for availability.

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